FREE WordPress Blog Setup

By March 11, 2015general
Free Wordpress Blog Setup

Hello there! When you are starting your online business, you will always need an online presence like a website. It’s equivalent to a physical shop for people to come and visit, look around and hopefully buy something! Since this site is a personal website where I share my thoughts, opinions and knowledge with you all, my valued visitors, I would call my website a blog. So, how do I build this site? When I first started, I had no idea what the top blogging platforms are, what the easiest blogging platform is, then how to setup a blog because FTP and CPanel seem like a foreign language to me. Does all this sound familiar?

I’m not saying this to discourage you to get started. On the other hand, after what I’ve gone through I think, I think you all should not go through the same rough patches. Let me remove most of the barriers for you by introducing you to the world of WordPress. In my opinion, WordPress is one of the top blogging platforms out there and the easiest blogging platform of all. On top of that, I would also like to offer my FREE WordPress blog setup service. *Tadaaaa* Yes, I repeat: I will set up your WordPress blog for free. You hear me correctly.

Why would you do this for free, Adeline?

Because I’m awesome 🙂 Just kidding. I think blogging is a great platform to get your online business started especially when you love to write and/or you have more spare time than spare money. Honestly, I was frustrated the first time I realised that setting up a blog was not as easy as 1, 2, 3. That held me back for a little while but I didn’t give up until I found how easy it actually was. I think anyone should not be discouraged when they hit such a road block. And I’m here to help as many people as I can to jump over that.

I personally don’t like to pay for a price that is way above what I think the product or service is really worth. I always pay in proportional to the values that I think it offers. While most people will charge you at least $50 to install your WordPress blog, there are some out there who will rip you off for $800 – $2,400 for the same work. I’m not joking. Now, you should know roughly what a fair price to get someone to install WordPress for you, and even better you have the option can capitalise on my free WordPress blog setup to get started. Why spend $50 while you can get it for free?

Just to be transparent with you: This service is made possible by HostGator, a world-class web hosting company, which means that I will get a little reward from HostGator on top of personal satisfaction for getting you out of frustration or saving your time -whatever your road blocks are- with my free WordPress blog setup.

How to get started?

You just need to follow these four simple steps.

1. First, you need to get your own domain. I personally always buy from NameCheap because just like its name it’s comparably cheap to get a domain from there ($1/month).

2. Then, order a web hosting plan from Hostgator. Insert ADELINES25 into the coupon field to claim your 25% OFF any hosting plans ($3.71/month).

3. Forward me the login information to [email protected] (FREE)

4. I’ll email you back with your login information for your new WordPress blog and you can start blogging right away! (FREE)

As simple as 1,2,3,4. Don’t worry. I will not keep your login information from Hostgator. I will also give instructions on how to change your login password so you can change it as soon as you receive your new blog.

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Extra Bonuses

Apart from my Hostgator coupon ADELINES25, every hosting plan at Hostgator comes with $100 credits for Google AdWords that you can use to promote your new blog or any other campaigns you are running. You will not find a better web hosting deal anywhere!

To sweeten the deal even more, I will also install some awesome WordPress plugins that will make your blog better than 99% blogs out there. Like…? Plugins that help your blog get ranked higher in the search engines, get indexed quickly in Google, load faster and handle a high volume of traffic, keep your blog free from spam comments etc.

So, in a few words with my free WordPress blog setup you’ll get: world’s easiest blogging platform WordPress, awesome WordPress plugins that will boost your blog ranking, free WordPress blog setup that saves you from bad-hair days, 25% off hosting plan from a world-class hosting company Hostgator, $100 Google AdWords credits to bring flows of visitors to your blog!

What are you waiting for? Starting a new blog can never be easier! Get your domain name right now, head over to HostGator and I’ll get you started!

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