How I Had a 5-Figure Weekend by Going to the Home Business Summit

By March 11, 2015general
Adeline Sugianto John Chow Promoting the Home Business Summit 2

The Home Business Summit has always been a great live event for aspiring home business entrepreneurs and internet marketers to go to and not want to miss out!

Why is It So? The Home Business Summit is truly a golden opportunity to network with the like-minded and learn from the best of the best the latest marketing and business strategies that are really working right now.

What I like the most from this event is that these experts are "Walking the Walk", which means they are actually doing what they teach not just selling “how to make money” products or putting on seminars. So, the strategies they are teaching are legit and have been proven to generate constant cash flows on autopilot.

And if you are anything like me, then chances are you are easily distracted and have invested in training courses that just end up sitting unopened on the shelf. With a live event, we are actually much more likely to absorb everything that is being taught. So, at the end of the 3-day live event we can walk away and directly implement these golden nuggets to make at least $100,000 in the next 12 months.

Previously, I had always watched the Home Business Summit live streaming from the comfort of my own home simply because I lived in Australia (I still am!) and they were only touring around the United States at that time.

Finally the Home Business Summit is Coming to Australia!

So, I was really excited when I heard that the Home Business Summit was finally coming to the land Down Under (a.k.a Australia) where the organising company all started in the first place! Finally I could attend the event live. And being the first Home Business Summit in Australia, they were going to make it bigger than ever. That quadrupled my excitement!

When the news broke, I was actually enjoying my time at Costa Rica masterminding with some of the world's highly sought after speakers and top marketers including the world's famous blogger: the one and only John Chow. And for me to say "John is one of the smartest internet marketers I've ever known on this planet" is probably still an understatement.

Now, if there is ONE thing that one should learn from John apart from blogging is How to Win Affiliate Contests.

Now the question is "Which Contest Do I Want to Win?"

The answer is simple: The contest that will bring me most cash through (1) large cash rewards up for grab and/or (2) high sales conversion which will give me large profits in return.

And after watching a few Home Business Summit live streaming sessions, I noticed that the conversion at live events has always been second-to-none for obvious reasons. The cash rewards for those who sell the most tickets are pretty good too! Keep reading below and you'll know...

So, I told John that I would like to pick his brain on how to promote the Home Business Summit and how he made $65,000 from a single Home Business Summit event last time.

And here's what he said to me:

"While most people go to the summit to learn, the smart marketers use the Home Business Summit to make money. This is because the Home Business Summit has a really good affiliate program, especially if you happen to be a MOBE Licensee."

Adeline Sugianto John Chow Promoting the Home Business SummitAdeline Sugianto John Chow Promoting the Home Business Summit 2Adeline Sugianto John Chow Platinum MastermindAdeline Sugianto John Chow Platinum Mastermind Costa Rica

True...promoting a live event with high converting offers like the Home Business Summit is probably the one of the very few income producing activities that one should focus on to catapult their income to the next level. By attending and promoting the Home Business Summit, you practically have the ideal chance to earn (well) while you learn (lots) . I guess the deal can't get any better than that!

How I Had a 5-Figure Weekend by Going to the Home Business Summit

Now, I am going to admit that I am not a guru.

And despite all the things that I have learned from John, I am not going to lie that doubts creeped into my mind when I was going to promote the Home Business Summit Australia.

And I am sure you could relate to these thoughts:

"What if this whole thing does not work for me?"

"What if I spent all this time and effort and I made nothing?"

Hang on... What did just happen here?

I didn't believe in myself. And when you start thinking about What Ifs you are already letting yourself get in a way of your own success. What else could possibly be worse than having yourself, something that you could actually control, accountable for your own failures?

And if you keep thinking there is always another chance...there is always tomorrow and another tomorrow, then tomorrow never comes -REALLY.

The truth of the matter is things will not get better by chance. They can only get better by change.

So, I decided to slam those negative thoughts and told myself: "Apply what you have learned, take MASSIVE action and believe in yourself."

I started promoting the Home Business Summit fairly last minute, came second in the contest and won $4,000 cash prize. I missed first place, and $6,000, by three sales. I guess it was not easy when you were up against some of the top marketers ay!

During the three days of the summit, three of my attendees decided to invest in some of the top-tier products being offered. Now because I am a licensee, I got a nice share of the commission from those sales as well. The best part is I did not have to close any of the sales myself. All I had to do is to get them to the Home Business Summit and let the event do all the hard work.

All Up, $15,000 In Total Cash Made! Cha-Ching!

If I had listened to those little negative thoughts that I had at the beginning and said "I'll try next time", I would have easily said good bye to $15,000!

My success principle is simple.

If you would like to achieve certain goals in your business or in your life, seek advice from someone who has already been getting the results that you want and model after them. Even if you just make a percentage of what they are making, it is all already worth it. And there is nothing I did that you could not do if you had the desire and were willing to put in the work.

So, thanks heaps John! Let's celebrate the next time we meet again! I guess that would be in a couple of months?

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